Event Coordinator

Why hello there. I am the one and only Lorena Sutherland, the Special Events Coordinator for Texas Transfer Students. I am a senior, majoring in Advertising at the Stan Richards School. I transferred to UT Austin in Fall 2015 from UT Arlington. UT Austin was always the ultimate goal, since they had such a great communications and business school. I never regretted the decision to transfer to UT, because it brought me to my TTS family. I made some of my closest friends through TTS, where they made me feel like I was a part of a family rather than just another organization.

TTS brought me out of my shell and opened my eyes to the wonders of Austin. Which I love to explore when I have the time. I love enjoying physical activities like running, soccer or just dancing (especially dancing). But that does not mean I am physically fit to run 5 miles (I am sorry). I just ultimately enjoy the feel of the sun a on warm day, so yes I prefer the summer and spring. I am just one of the many personalities waiting for you to meet here, at TTS!

Contact: txtransferseventcoordinator@gmail.com