Graphic Designer


My name is Tatjana and I am a third year design student. I transferred from the Rhode Island School of Design last semester. I joined TTS my first week of school and it has been so rewarding. The members and friends I have met through this organization has helped me so much during my transition into UT and I hope it can help you as well, whether it’s your first semester or not. I am now the Graphic Designer and excited to work with our amazing executive team this semester. I have lived in Austin since kindergarten and still discover new things about this amazing city all the time. One of my favorite places is East Austin Succulents, which is the main reason my plant collection continues to grow! I also love to go to Zilker and Barton Springs! In my free time, I work on my personal art projects from sculpture to design (Graphic and industrial design to be specific) so if you ever want to chat about art, let me know! I also enjoy video games, mostly on Steam, but I am always up for a Mario Kart showdown. I look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns, the other exec officers and I would love to help or just hang out in general!