Here to Guide, Inspire and Support


Ummul-Beanen Jafry


Hey, ya’ll! I'm Ummul (I usually go by Ummi) and I'm the President of TTS. I'm from Houston and transferred to UT from the University of Houston in 2018. I've been a member/exec member for almost 3 years and I'm majoring in Communications and Leadership. When I first entered the 40 acres, I was a little lost and unsure of where to go. I made a few friends in some of my classes but the “college experience” was kind of hard to find. That was until I joined TTS. I found friends who I will hopefully have for a lifetime and a community who understands the confusion and stress I felt when I first transferred. I hope that TTS can be that safe place for you as well!


Paola Solano

Vice President

Hi I'm Paola. I'm an avid podcast listener, a casual yogi, and a passionate Texas Transfer Students member since Fall 2019. Since I transferred from Lone Star College - CyFair. I have been studying to become an elementary bilingual educator. Alongside my passion to teach, I also has a special place in my heart for interacting and engaging with new and current transfer students. When I transferred to UT there were a multitude of things that were challenging and quite frankly intimidating. Oftentimes I felt like I was an imposter and struggled to find my place on the 40-acres. However, TTS was the perfect remedy, and it was the place I found her home on the campus and in Austin.


Victoria Dalton

Membership Coordinator

Hi, my name is Victoria Dalton. I hail from Kingwood, Texas, a voluminous suburb northeast of Houston, where I attended Lone Star College-Kingwood before I decided to move to the iconic Forty Acres. I am an avid fan of books, movies, escape rooms, and, most of all—dogs. During my first semester at The UT Fall 2020, I had somewhat struggled with adjusting to university life. Since my introduction of Texas Transfer Students, TTS has been a network of support from fellow transfer students and extremely fun events and socials to attend. Without TTS, my college experience wouldn’t have been half as fun. My goal as Membership Coordinator is to help facilitate and grow Texas Transfer Students into a larger community providing support and friendship for all transfers.


Martin Akonnor

Mentorship and Resource

Spring 2019- Bittersweet yet provocative. These words pretty much summed up my the emotions I felt when I found out I had been accepted into UT. It’s never easy leaving behind the friends you’ve made when moving into the next chapter of your life and sometimes that change can lead to a lonely transition. TTS provided that second family of support for me to lean into and as Resource Chair, I strive to make that experience a reality for others. Hopefully you’ll share in my experience and enjoy the moments you’ll share with us!


Mandy Hutchings

Public Relations Chair

Hello, I’m Mandy! I’m from Houston TX and I transferred to UT in the Fall 2019 from Texas State University. When I first got to UT, I was lost and worried. Thanks to TTS that changed quickly, and  I’m here to show everything TTS has to offer for transfer students!  I’m the public relations chair which means I’m online A LOT!  I’m a Radio, TV, and Film major.I’m a female nerd that loves music, gaming, dogs, and all things Marvel and Disney. Got a question about movies then I’m your source. I know lots of useless film trivia so I’m a good friend to have. I hope to see you at one of our meetings!


Haley Virella

Fundraising Chair 

Hi there! My name is Haley Virella and I’m the Spring 2021 Fundraising Chair! I transferred way back in Fall 2017 from UT Arlington. I’m majoring in Sustainability Studies with a concentration in natural resource management. I have a bunny named Banzai, he is a menace to society. I was Fundraising Chair last semester and still have over 100 Chick-fil-a gift cards to give out to members. I look forward to seeing y’all, please release me from this gift card purgatory.


Josh Villanos

Social Chair

When I transferred to UT in the Fall 2019, I was a fish out of water. The beginning of the semester, I started to feel more and more alone in a city with almost double the population of my home town of El Paso, Texas. I faced challenges while going through the transfer process; moreover, I received a warm welcome from a group of friends who shared my love of games, cooking, and music. I found my footing at UT, and today I try to give back as a member of the executive board. More importantly, during my time as Social Chair, I have tried my best to be there for each incoming class of transfers the same way that they were there for me.