Hey guys! I’m Autumn Smith and I’m the Secretary of TTS! I’m the one sending you all the emails and typing notes during meetings that people may or may not ever read. I’m an Advertising and Corporate Communications double major with that Business Foundations minor ya know. I transferred from Hardin-Simmons University in my hometown of Abilene, Texas, where I spent my first two years of college. UT and TTS have given me the opportunity to push myself outside of my shy, awkward shell and I literally could not be more thankful.

Outside of classes, I like watching whatever I haven’t already seen on Netflix, listening to music, and trying all of the Austin-y restaurants and areas. My absolute FAVORITE memories I’ve made in the seemingly short time I’ve been here have been during SXSW and just adventuring around the city with friends. I love our university and I love our organization and I hope you find your place with us as well!