Vice President

Hello guys! I am Lorena, the Vice President! I am a senior Advertising major. I transferred to UT in 2015 from UT Arlington. I transferred to UT through the CAP program, and like many transfers, through hard and determination I made it to UT. When I arrived at UT, I definitely experienced the transfer shock and many of my goals were pushed back while my GPA dropped. I had a hard time making friends who were my age, because many people my age already had their own established friend groups. I was almost a shut in and was overall not happy. It wasn’t until I found TTS, where I found some of my best friends. I thought to myself when I found TTS, there should be students that understand my plight and the struggle of adapting to UT. Low and behold, TTS was and still is exactly what I needed to help me succeed at UT. I made by best friends and roommates through TTS. TTS always have made me feel welcomed quirks and all! I would like to think that I am doing a good job of holding the mantle of TTS. I would love to get to know you, come explore Austin with me, because there is always something in Austin.

Contact: txtransferstudents@gmail.com